SUMAFIT  is a weight loss kit

It consists of 4 key products which work synergistically to aid in weight loss in a healthy way without limiting you on a lot of food choices. Following are the products :

Veggie Veggie – it’s a natural blend of fruits and vegetables which help in cleansing the gut. A healthy gut means absorption of the other products will be at maximum. It will also help open up the fatty cells. So burning of fats will be more effective

Probio3 – this is good bacteria to the gut. Works hand in hand with the veggie veggie. It will also help in regulating your metabolism. So your body will only take what it requires then flash out the rest.

Elements – this is a plant-based protein shake that will act as a meal replacement. You will only have 2 meals then supplement the other meal with the element. It makes you feel fuller for longer and it’s high in fiber. Only 90 calories.

Ezxslim – The natural ingredients in these supplements helps the body to burn fats. It inhibits the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates in the body into fats and calories. So your body will not store any unwanted fats. It helps in portion control and curbs any cravings you may have.

The program duration is 28 days. No restrictions on what you can eat. The program will help you create healthy eating habits and there will be no rebound weight. No side effects too